• MTN 1GB - ₦280
  • MTN 2GB - ₦560
  • MTN 3GB - ₦840
  • MTN 5GB - ₦1400

AGENT Price List

  • MTN 1GB - ₦245
  • MTN 2GB - ₦490
  • MTN 3GB - ₦735
  • MTN 5GB - ₦1225

PARTNER Price List

  • MTN 1GB - ₦230
  • MTN 2GB - ₦460
  • MTN 3GB - ₦690
  • MTN 5GB - ₦1150

Airtel Data Price List

  • AIRTEL 750MB - ₦460
  • AIRTEL 1.5GB - ₦900
  • AIRTEL 4.5GB - ₦1,900
  • AIRTEL 6GB - ₦2350

9Mobile Data Price List

  • 9MOBILE 500MB - ₦455
  • 9MOBILE 1.5GB - ₦950
  • 9MOBILE 4.5GB - ₦1,950
  • 9MOBILE 11GB - ₦3600

Glo Data Price List

  • GLO 1/1.6GB - ₦475
  • GLO 2.5GB - ₦950
  • GLO 4.5GB - ₦1,850
  • GLO 7.2GB - ₦2,000

Electricity Bill Discount

  • EEDC, PHED, KEDCO etc - 0.5% Discount

Cable TV Discount

  • DSTV, GOTV etc - 0.5% Discount

Airtime VTU Discount (PARTNER)

  • MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE & GLO - ₦3.5%


  • Minimum ₦3,000

Start-Up for AGENT

  • Minimum ₦10,000

Start-Up for PARTNER

  • Minimum ₦20,000

30 Days Validity - Check Data Balance: MTN = *460*260# or *461*4#, AIRTEL = *140#, 9MOBILE = *228#, GLO = *127*0#


1. You buy 1GB MTN CORPORATE DATA @ ₦230 (30 – 60 days Validity). Other networks also available.

2. Get Direct Access to Financial Services e.g Money Transfer to all banks in Nigeria and Cash Withdrawal from all cards (Visa/Verve/Master Card)

3. Access to Airtime epins and topup of all telecoms with 3.1% discount. (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO & 9-MOBILE) in Nigeria.

4. Access to utility Bills (EEDC, IBEDC, PHED, KEDCO, BEDC, AEDC, Ikeja Electricity, DSTV, GoTv, Startimes, etc)

5. Become a VTU website owner. Create resellers under you and fund their wallet.

6. POS will be made available for you. (t&c apply)

7. Receive a one-time commission of ₦200 when you refer someone. (Must fund his or her wallet)

8. Free Fliers for advert.

NOTE: JonaiMobile could be used by government agencies, political parties/politicians and NGOs as an empowerment / Poverty Alleviation tool.

How to apply/start

*Open a business account, make payment of ₦20,000 minimum and upgrade as a Partner (Note: The ₦20,000 is your capital & not a fee.)

*Send your support form request and other enquiries to: [email protected]

Yes. Download our Mobile app from google play store. Just type (jonaimobile) or Click HERE to download Jonai mobile app for easy login.

Jonai Mobile is a subsidiary of Sylphics Technologies registered with CAC. We partner with all major Mobile Network Providers and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide digital financial & Internet Mobile Services aimed at bringing these services at your door-step.

Yes. This is for those who have websites and want to connect our website to theirs. Click on Developers API Documentation.

Everybody can access and use Jonai Mobile Services – from students to artisans, traders, the self-employed, professionals and everyone who requires access to basic mobile and financial services. However, Jonai Mobile is primarily targeted at those who use it for BUSINESS ie Agents & Partners (Recharge Card Vendors, Business Centres, Corporate bodies etc).

The following services are available on this platform: - Internet Data Bundles (all networks), Bulk SMS, Bulk Whatsapp Messaging, Airtime Recharge (all networks), Bills Payment (Electricity Bill, DStv, GOtv, Startimes, WAEC Result PIN etc.), Convert Airtime to Cash, Generation of E-pins.

There are three major packages namely: Distributor, Agent and Partner Packages. You become a sole Distributor as soon as you open a business account with us. Click on open an account to become a Distributor. To become an Agent you migrate by going to your dashboard click on change plan (₦1000 Upgrade fee) will be deducted to become an Agent. A Distributor account buys 1GB MTN DATA @ ₦289, Agent buys 1GB MTN DATA @ ₦233 and a Partner buys 1GB MTN DATA @ ₦210 and gets 5.1% discount on all VTU airtime and other discounts on paybills.

A Partner buys 1GB MTN DATA @ ₦230 and gets 3.5% discounts on all VTU airtime. A Partner owns a website and creates resellers under him/her. Agents/Partners can refer someone and get one-time ₦100/₦200 bonus when the downliner under him/her makes payment.

Start-up capital for a Distributor is ₦3,000 (Minimum) only, a Agent is ₦10,000 (Minimum) & an Partner is N20,000 (Minimum). NOTE: You can deposit more than the start-up capital into your wallet.

Just click on Open an Account, fill the form below and fund your wallet with minimum of ₦3,000 to get started.

Convenience fee is a fee introduce by financial institutions on our platform for the extra services done. eg (To upgrade to Agent plan ₦1000 will be deducted). Processing fee is the fee charged on every payment made on this platform.